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Proofer Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs

Proofer Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs


Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs for the Folding Proofer - Dimensions: 12.5" x 15" x 4" (Opened).

Creates a second level in the Proofer 4 inches higher. Ideal for proofing two sheet pans or four loaf pans.

Rack has fold out legs for easy storage. Legs are held in open position by clips that keep them from damaging loaves on lower shelf when placing in or removing from proofer.

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2nd shelf double the proofing capacity

i can fit two 9” round bannetons one on each shelf or one 10” Oval and one 9” round on a shelf, six 5” on a shelf, two 7” round and one 10” oval on a shelf. So the possibilities seem incredible but have yet to test this out. I’ve had the proofer for a month and proofed two 9” rounds several times so far We’ll see but very satisfied with how it maintains my starter, bulk fermentation and final proof of my sourdough. I heard about the proofer from The Perfect Loaf book by Maurizio Leo and his website has lots of tips, etc. Really helpful in getting to know how to use the Brod & Taylor proofer.

Philippe FEHER

Manque quelques cm en longueur et en largeur pour pouvoir mettre des moules à baguettes.

Ana Posada

Proofer Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs

Chris S.
Proofer Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs

works good, doubles your space

Très bien ! Mais :(

Super produit conforme à la description. Mais à mon sens pourrait être améliorer en changeant les dimensions ( pour les plaques à pâtisserie européenne (40*30cm). Et éventuellement en ayant un caisson qui isole de la température extérieur. Très content tout de même :)